NOLA, part I

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I spent last week in New Orleans on business. Work put me up in the French quarter, and each night after work, I had the pleasure of studying at a local martial arts school. I'm in the process of turning some paper notes into blog posts about the experience. For now, I'll just go with first impressions:

  • I miss Papa Roux back in Indianapolis. His jambalaya is way better than anything I've found in the quarter after a full week. I wonder if I can find an excuse to stop there soon, and whether I should complement his cooking or blame him for making the food in NOLA less fun by comparison.

  • Local adventures in Aikido and Eskrima were well worth the time and energy. More on these later.

  • I'm reminded how much I miss having a suitably regular martial arts training regimen.

  • The quarter is a neat place to people-watch, both during the day when people leisurely antiquing or clothes- or book-shopping share the streets with conference-goers and other work-motivated people, and at night when a net of police, bouncers, and private security try to keep the drunks from hurting themselves or one another too badly.

  • I should probably lay off the caffeine. A week without coffee has helped my sleep patterns somewhat.

  • Home is good. A week on the road is about my limit, unless I take the people I'm going to miss with me. I'm glad my son is still at the age where he's excited I'm back, and that A hasn't changed the locks or anything.